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ProMeris for Dogs - under 11 lbs - 3 tubes

ProMeris for Dogs - under 11 lbs - 3 tubes
Part# 405
Type Flea & Tick
Brand ProMeris
Pack Size 3 tubes
Pet For Dogs
Pet Weight 0 to 11lbs
Expires 2014-Oct-1
User Rating  [Rate It!]
5 out of 5
(6 times)  [View Details!]

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ProMeris® is a topical, waterproof spot-on medication for the control of existing flea and tick infestations, as well as the prevention of re-infestation, in dogs and cats 8 weeks and older. ProMeris is the perfect flea and tick solution for your dog or cat.


The recommended minimum dose for dogs is 20 mg/kg bodyweight for each of metaflumizone and amitraz, equivalent to 0.133 ml/kg bodyweight.

Color Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) metaflumizone
(w/ amitraz)
Blue Small Cats under 9lbs under 4.5kg 0.8ml
Blue Large Cats over 9lbs over 4.5kg 1.6ml
Orange XS Dogs 0 - 11lbs 0 - 5kg 0.67ml
Orange Small Dogs 11 - 22lbs 5.1 - 10kg 1.33ml
Orange Medium Dogs 22 - 55lbs 10.1 - 25kg 3.33ml
Orange Large Dogs 55 - 88lbs 25.1 - 40kg 5.33ml
Orange XL Dogs 88 - 110lbs 40.1 - 50kg 6.66ml

For: Dogs & Cats (8 weeks of age and older) 

Once a month treatment
Easy to apply
Product is waterproof

How it works

ProMeris contains the active flea control ingredient, metaflumizone. This compound features an exclusive mode of action that attacks the flea?s nervous system by blocking neuronal sodium channels, which results in paralysis and death. In addition to metaflumizone, ProMeris contains amitraz, well recognized to provide broad-spectrum control of ticks.


Side effects may occur if product is licked after application. When used between the shoulder blades, as directed, licking isn?t an issue. Amitraz is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Do not use any other MAOI products such as Preventic Collar, Mitaban Dip, Anipryl, or Selegiline while using ProMeris for Dogs or Cats.

5 - by Adam on 2012-Feb-15
Life-changing results! - My chihuahua was diagnosed with "red mange" at only a few months old. She would have awful outbreaks that involved her losing almost all of her hair, having scaly skin/sores, losing her appetite, and having no energy. For the first year, we weren't aware of any solution (nor was our vet) so we just suffered through it. However, our vet finally came upon ProMeris and recommended it to us. ProMeris has literally changed my dogs life. We use ProMeris on a monthly basis and, although our dog still does have outbreaks, they are not nearly as severe nor do they last as long as they would without the ProMeris treatment. You would swear I was showing you two different dogs if you saw her before ProMeris and after. I'll be the first to say that the stuff doesn't smell the best and my dog hates having it applied but, without it, she likely wouldn't even be with us. As for the flea and ticket control part, our dog is kept indoors so we don't really put that claim to the test. But, even if it didn't prevent fleas and ticks, ProMeris is worth every dime in my opinion.
5 - by Martha Allen on 2011-Jun-22
Savior for getting rid of ticks! - I was having horrible issues with ticks on my poor little (8 lbs) shih tzu who just goes outside to potty. It was a nightmare. Frontline Plus did not work at all. On my vets recommendation I tried Promeris. Smells bad when you put it on and you can't wash the dog for 48 hrs. but for 4 weeks you have no issues with ticks. I did not have a flea problem so I can't rate it on that. price on Petopia is excellent.
5 - by owner of 4 dogs on 2011-Apr-28
would'nt use anything else! - I've been using promeris for 4 yrs. first on my 4yrs old golden retriever and LOVE IT!!! NO fleas! I now also use it on my Yorkie 1yr, poodle 1yr 2mo, and shnauzer 1yr 1mo. some people dont care for the smell, i actually like it.
5 - by J. Etenburn, Orange, TX on 2011-Apr-1
Excellent seller. - Excellent seller. Product just as described. I will buy again. Shipping fast and arrived just as indicated.
5 - by Lauren Horne "la la la la la la", somewhere down in texas on 2010-Jun-25
Great for demodectic mites ! Fleas, ticks as well - Seriously if your dog has demodectic mites, this is the stuff you need...gets rid of that while controlling fleas and ticks as well...spent fortunes on Rx meds for demodectic for my dog until this came along...great stuff !
5 - by No More Fleas Please, Inc. "FLEA_DOCTOR", Charlotte, NC USA on 2010-Apr-16
Promeris is GREAT! - The persons 1 star review of Promeris was premature to say the least. These products are not repellants. They are flea, tick, lice and mite killers. They will not keep pests from attacking your pet. They will kill the pests when they bite. ProMeris is a fantastic product. This is a monthly topical that will control fleas, ticks, chewing lice, and demodectic mange mites. This is one of the best products on the market and it is the only one to control demodectic mange mites. Buy this product with confidence.

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